Why Choose Reclaimed Yorkstone?

Yorkstone has long been a favourite material for building not only in London but across the country. Reclaimed Yorkstone is one of the most sought-after building materials there is.

Why Choose Reclaimed Yorkstone

Yorkstone is a type of sandstone that has been quarried from West Yorkshire. There are a number of quarrying sites and the specific quarry the stone comes from will decide the unique look of the stone since the balance of minerals that make up the stone subtly alter its colour and markings. This means that each piece of Yorkstone is unique. What all Yorkstone does have in common is that, as it is weathered by time and the elements its natural beauty is enhanced.

For indoor projects, Yorkstone is an excellent choice as it is very good at conducting heat due to its porous structure. This means that for a stone surface it can feel surprisingly warm, it also works well in conjunction with underfloor heating. So if you love the look of stone but hate the chill on your feet Yorkstone is an excellent choice.

The Benefits of Reclaimed Yorkstone

Yorkstone is renowned for being a hard wearing and durable material, which is no surprise in a stone that has been the construction material of choice for generations. This long-lasting appeal of Yorkstone means that it is a solid choice for your home, it’s popularity has stood the test of time meaning that it now has a timeless quality to it that will enhance your home. Deciding on a  Yorkstone installation for your home is bound to increase the value of your home as Yorkstone is such a popular and elegant building material.

Yorkstone is an extremely durable material as evidenced by the fact that is us possible to reclaim Yorkstone from old buildings and gardens where it has survived the test of time and is still ready to be used in new buildings or restoration projects.

Yorkstone History

Yorkstone formed over 300 million years ago by the deposition of silt by rivers. The age and formation of Yorkstone means that it is quite common to find fossils in Yorkstone quarries, meaning that Yorkstone is quite literally a piece of history.

It was first valued as a building material by the Romans and became a large-scale industry in the eighteenth century. Originally the Yorkstone was quarried from the valley sides but as time went on mines were also developed to extract more of this highly valued rock. Extracting the stone from the countryside is a highly skilled process as the stone is exceedingly heavy. The craftsmanship involved in the production of Yorkstone for building products is really extraordinary as each stone is hand dressed (shaped by chisel) for use.

There is hardly a town or city centre in the UK which is not paved in Yorkstone. London’s signature paving stone is in fact Yorkstone. Yorkstone has been used in the construction of a number of notable British landmarks, including London Bridge and Blackpool Tower.

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