Is Portland Stone expensive?

Portland Stone is a premium product, and could never be described as inexpensive!

Is Portland Stone hard wearing? 

There is a very good reason why Portland Stone is used on so many landmark buildings – it is a very hard-wearing natural material.

Where does Portland Stone come from?

A region of the Dorset coast known as Portland.

Is Portland Stone hard? 

It is a Jurrasic-aged rock used in some of the most famous buildings in the United Kingdom, used specifically due to its hard-wearing capabilities.

How do you place natural stone steps? 

Each piece of stone is carefully sawn to shape and size, taking great care to match the thickness of the slab to produce ‘step quality’ material, ready to lay on pre-set levels as risers and treads.

Should you seal Portland Stone? 

It is recommended that you seal with a dry-treat stain proof prior to installation to protect against efflorescence, and ensure ease of maintenance.

How long does Portland Stone last? 

The fact that so many landmark buildings, including Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London are made from Portland, proves the longevity of the stone.

How can you clean a Portland stone headstone?

There are several brands of stone cleaner available, including liquid and foam. For more information see our cleaning guide.

Is Portland stone porous?

Being limestone, Portland stone is relatively porous, on a par with the majority of paving and cladding materials. It is unlikely to have high saturation issues and suffer damage by freeze/thaw.

What is special about Portland stone?

It is widely considered The Queen of Stone, capable of being crafted into ornate shapes, with a uniform colour, superb texture and tactile properties.

How much Portland stone is left? 

According to current statistics, at the current rate of extraction, there is sufficient for another 1,000 years.

How do I identify Portland stone? 

By its uniform white colour, used in so many different shapes and sizes in so many different ways! From buildings, steps and pavements, it is hugely versatile.

Is Buckingham Palace made from Portland Stone? 

Yes – along with many other famous London landmark buildings.

Is Portland stone strong?

It has a high crushing strength and is considered to be a strong material for use in commercial projects.