Treating Portland Stone Steps

Your home is a reflection of you and your precious Portland stone steps are no exception. Considerable amount of time, thought, planning and money has gone into treating your home to these special stone steps and the correct mode of care is equally important. Whether it is your garden steps, entrance, or basement steps; once completed they need to be continued to be given attention or wear and tear will affect how they look and take away much of their splendor. Here’s our top tips for treating portland stone steps:

Monthly Cleaning

Regularity is key. Cleaning them every month will save you a lot of trouble and keep all algae off the steps. Cleaning regularly as opposed to a deep cleanse every other month is a better option as consistent cleaning is better for maintaining the newness of your steps.

Bleach Them

Using a bleach to clean your steps is a good idea as they will not only keep the algae off but also help with removing stains. A mild bleach solution is sufficient to keep your steps clean. If there are tough stains, you might need to call in a professional to help. However, you can avoid such an ordeal if you keep cleaning regularly.

What Not To Do

Patio cleaner or brick acid is a huge no to treat your steps as it could cause irreversible damage. Leaving untreated wood and metal in contact with your steps for long can also damage the stone steps. Also. Do not paint the stones. If you notice any stain caused by contact with metal or wood, call the professionals for help.

Impact Damage

Such damages are fixable if the impacted area is small and localized. A lime mortar mix maybe a possible solution to fix the stone on site. Piecing in a small section of the same stone is another probable fix.

These are only some basic suggestions for treating portland stone steps. The key to their longevity is preventing any kind of damage and cleaning them regularly. In case of any such damages or surface stains, it is probably better to call in the professionals and ask for their expertise and not try DIY fix solutions at home. Take care of your steps and welcome guests with warmth with pride.

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