We often get asked exactly how much Portland stone steps will cost, but unfortunately it’s very difficult to give a ballpark figure without obtaining drawings or arranging a site visit. Each job is unique and there are multiple factors that can affect the price of the stone. Below are the main things that will all play a part in determining the Portland Stone Pricing for your project.

Quality Costs More

It might sound obvious but some people don’t factor in quality to their consideration. Not all pieces of stone look as nice or are of the same quality. If you want the best quality, then this will have an impact on the cost to complete your job. We only work with local quarries and can provide samples of our finest Portland Stone, please get in touch and we can arrange delivery for you.

Size Matters

You may have an area in mind that you want paved with Portland stone or a staircase that needs to be replaced. How much it will cost to do this doesn’t depend solely on the area to be paved /amount of steps. The size of the stones you wish to use will have a major impact. Using smaller slab will lower the cost, but if you have your heart set on a few larger pieces in order to achieve the effect you desire then this will have an impact on the cost. There are multiple reasons as to why this is the case.


Bigger stones are more difficult to handle. The length, width and thickness of the stone will all combine to increase the weight of the slabs. Heavier stone will require more man power to handle and manoeuvre. Once you get past a certain size then specialist lifting machinery becomes essential in order to safely manoeuvre the stones.


It is much harder to find large stones that are free from imperfections. The larger the stone you require that harder it will be ton find, so this will raise the price.


– Your stone will have to be transported to the job site and bigger stones do cost more to transport. One large stone can be more costly than a selection of smaller stones that would cover the same area, just because of the difficulties of securing and balancing the load.


– When the stone are being fitted in place there will be the handling issues to consider. On top of that because the stones are harder to handle when they are larger in size, this increases the potential for something to go wrong. This can mean that that job will naturally take longer as more care is required when handling these rarer pieces of stone.

When you are planning your project, you will want to consider carefully the size of the slabs and the quality of the stone that you need. Once you are clear on these considerations that you should contact us. We are experience Portland stone suppliers, and as such will be able to discuss the exact pricing for your project with you.

Portland Stone Steps 62 Side View