Cleaning your Portland Stone Steps

Cleaning your Portland Stone Steps

You have taken the time to detail your Portland stone step project. You covered every conceivable choice. Where you would place them, how wide they would go, the color, and so much more. You patiently waited as your project was completed, and upon completion, you were overjoyed with how the Portland stone steps made your garden steps, entrance, or basement steps perfect while enhancing everything around them.

As the days pass, you continue to enjoy seeing these steps knowing how much went into having them completed. The sweat and tears the expert masons put into the work, the high quality, and local stone used, and the intricate design they were built from. As with all new things, they age and become dirty; your new steps are not exempt from this. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly clean them in order to keep them looking as good as the first day they were unveiled to you.

Clean Them Monthly

Portland stone steps are known for being slip resistant, but only if they are kept clean. Cleaning the stone will help prevent the growth of algae and stop them from becoming slippery when wet.

Use Bleach

In most cases, you can use a weak bleach solution. This will remove algae and surface stains. Stains that are harder to remove may require a specialist. However, if you keep your Portland stone steps clean regularly, you may prevent such tough stains.

Do Not Do This

Whatever you do, DO NOT use patio cleaner/brick acid to treat the stones, especially the heavily soiled areas. This could cause permanent damage. Also, do not leave metals or untreated wood in contact with the stone for prolonged periods of time as this can damage the stone. This is because rust and other oils from these materials can get into the stone that cannot be removed with store bought options. If you notice a stain forming because of material like this, remove the material immediately and contact us. Lastly, do not paint the stones. They are not meant to be painted.

Dealing With Impact Damage

If impact damage does occur, it may be fixable if the area of the damage is localised and small. It may be possible to fix the stone on site using a lime-mortar mix. Also, piecing in a small section of the same stone may fix the damage. In some cases, however, a replacement stone may be the only solution for impact damage.

The key to cleaning your stones is damage prevention and regular cleaning. If you take steps to make sure nothing seeps into or falls and damages the stones, they should last beautifully for a long time. Moreover, if you clean them regularly, they will maintain their newness for a long time.

At Portland Stone Steps, we are committed to a customised service. We treat each situation and client differently to meet their exact needs. When it comes to cleaning the stones, we are no different. Should you have any further questions or concerns about how to keep your beautiful stones in tip top shape, do not hesitate to contact us.

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