The 5 steps to owning your own Portland Stone Steps

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As a homeowner it’s easy to become tired of looking at the same old worn set of steps every day. Owning your own Portland Stone Steps could be just the thing you are looking for. It’s hard not to fall in love with the sheer beauty of the Portland stone, and it’s got the added benefit of being very hard wearing too. A new set of steps can last you a life time!

Buy Natural Portland Stone Steps in London

If you live in London you are in good luck, since that is where Portland Stone Steps operates. We are a highly respected company with over 25 years experience supplying and installing natural stone. When it comes to Portland stone in particular, we really do know our stuff so please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

The Five Steps to Portland Stone Steps

  1. Firstly: you will need to provide Portland Stone with pictures of what your steps look like now. An entryway doesn’t have to be destroyed with age or rickety to still look unique, so why not try a new look or design? Once you have supplied us with pictures of your existing steps we can have a look, assess what needs doing and give you an affordable estimate towards the only stone steps you will ever need to buy!

  2. Second: our expertly qualified stone masons will come to your site and measure up what is needed. This helps them to quote the right quantity of materials needed alongside the time required for labour.

  3. Thirdly: Portland Stone Steps will order your natural stone to your specifications. Portland Stone was formed during the Jurassic era and has to be mined out of the ground in quarries. Depending on our stock you may have to wait several weeks for delivery.

  4. Fourth: Portland Stone Steps will deliver your new natural stone steps to your chosen location.

  5. Finally: Once the measurements are taken, the stone has been chosen and delivered – all that is left to do is for our dedicated team to come out and build it for you! As the premiere London suppliers of Portland Stone Steps we can manage your project from concept to completion.

And that is all it takes! The five steps to owning your own Portland Stone Steps –  so don’t be put off by lengthy processes or complicated decisions, call Portland Stone Steps instead and let us work it all out for you.

For the best Portland Stone Steps suppliers in London give us a call today!

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