Why Portland Stone for your entrance steps?

London is a great and flowing city with over 2,000 years worth of rich history – and historic buildings. Many of those historic buildings features a beautiful, decorative inviting set of Portland stone entrance steps, making you want to traverse to the door, turn the key and see what is inside!

Here at Portland Stone Steps, we have been supplying homes, businesses and even restoration projects with all of their paving stone and entranceway needs for over twenty-five years now, and we aim to still be providing solid, dependable and well crafted stone for many, many years into the future. We have already worked on hundreds of the fabulously worked and decorative stone steps that you might find today, on any leisurely walk through the city – and examples of our work can be found far and wide. Portland Stone Steps have been securing London entryways for a full quarter of a century already – and we are hankering after more! You might even already be in unwitting possession of our next big project!

The beauty of Portland Stone

There is something comforting about coming home to luxuriously crafted entrance steps. When you select hand carved stones for your steps you add a bespoke, quality finish to your front door or porch, and create an inviting entryway that makes coming home the best part of your day- not to mention making you the envy of all your neighbours!

The practicality of Portland Stone Entrance Steps

As you get older it is particularly important to consider your entrance steps from a safety point of view. Are your steps secure as they are now? Are you going to be at risk from a trip or fall in your declining years, should the work go unchecked? Do you simply have the most beautiful – but ancient – fine stone staircase leading up to your property that has crumbled through years of disuse or neglect? Well Portland Stone Steps can fix all that – and moreover, it’s our speciality (and pleasure) to do so!

Let us help you craft your dream entrance steps

While our company is already a firm part of London’s exciting history; we invite you to join us, to have us craft your perfect stoop so that, in the years to come, you can be part of history, too. Our mixture of excellent craftsmanship, high-quality sourced stone and meticulous attention to detail will leave you in no doubt as to the quality of our work – which we expect to see still standing in another hundred years worth of London’s great history.

So, if you are in the market for the finest available Portland Stone Steps, then look no further than us! We’re so confident that you will love our designs that, if you call us today, we will give you a free consultation designed to help you get the most out of your space. Before you know it you could be perched on a set of bespoke Portland Stone Steps of your very own, watching the city go past and becoming steadily part of the wonderful history of London town.

Get in toch today!

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