Hand Crafted Portland Stone Fireplaces

Why you need a hand crafted Portland Stone Fireplace

Aside from the fact that people generally clad together around the fireplace to be warm; there is a certain aura brought about by fireplaces that bring people together. In fact, some of the most romantic moments happen in front of fireplaces. Moreover, it seems very relaxing to sit in the front room with embers popping and fire burning in the background. Indeed, fireplaces create an atmosphere of warmth, coziness, and romance.

Design unique to your home

In any design, it is essential to identify the appearance. For fireplaces, appearance matter a lot. It is essential to plan the look of the fireplace before constructing it or remodeling it. For most designers, since the fireplace serves as the focal point of the house, it should appear consistent with the rest of the house. Today, fireplaces are becoming more popular, most especially with the modern ideas and designs that circulate. Although many people still prefer the conventional fireplace designs, there are also some who are opening up to new concepts and ideas. Probably the most important factors in considering fireplace designs include appearance, concept, heat source, budget, and accessories. While there are standard appearances that can fit into any house style, customized designs can be made as well.

Fireplaces can be more than an indoor feature

Adding a stone fireplace to your backgarden space provides warmth and elegance. How can you obtain the beauty and richness of a stone fireplace at a reasonable price? The answer is Portland Stone Steps. While bonfires and chimneys are excellent starters, our hand crafter fireplaces are more elegant, durable and they will likely increase the value of your home.

Extend the seasons

Hand Crafted Portland Stone Fireplaces can extend the seasons. With a cozy new fireplace, you and your family & friends can spend cool spring evenings and late Autumn nights by a cozy fire. Just imagine drinking hot tea or cocoa, roasting marshmallows and eating dinner by a real stone fireplace in your living space. You’ll feel warm and toasty, yet you can enjoy the smells and sounds of the beautiful evenings with your loved ones.

Cold summer nights can make wonderful dinner parties. Our hand crafted Portland Stone Fireplaces can set the tone for the entire evening. Turn on some music and let the crackling of the fire draw your guests together. Or sit out in the quiet by yourself or with your loved ones and enjoy a quiet evening only interrupted by the gentle crackle of a real fireplace.

So, if you already have a fireplace or even if you’ve been considering installing one, Bespoke Portland Stone Fireplaces is the way to go. Get in touch today for a free quote!

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